Art Space Design Studio is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm. We create visually and functionally pleasing bespoke spaces for our clients. From offices and residences to experimental spaces, we breathe life into the client's visions for their spaces. We  believe that interior designers can make significant differences to people - not only in their physical environment but also to their mood and emotions, through the spaces that we design. The process of designing interiors is a way to transform spaces, communities and the way people interact with each other.


Interior Design Consultation

Architectural Consultation

Turnkey Interiors

Furniture Design

Space Planning

The above services include a site survey which leads to a conceptual design of the space. Once the design is finalised through reference images, sketches or 3D views, we move on to creating a full set of working drawings, which are then used to get work executed on site or off site. In case of turnkey projects, we will take care of the work happening on site to get the final result.

* All prices depend on the total area of the space and the timeline of the project.

Harnoor Kaur Manchanda, the founder of Art Space Design Studio, studied Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. During her time at Parsons she worked with esteemed interior designers in New York City. She has since worked in various diverse countries including India, Thailand and the United States of America which helped her gather immense exposure to global trends and design ideas. She is also the co-founder of My Home Initiative, an initiative that provides workshops to corporates.  

The ASD team has expertise is seamlessly blending their expertise on global trends to fit the client's style. It could be as timeless or trendy as the client wants it to be.

At ASD Studio, we design experiences rather than just bare environments by understanding the usage and moulding our clients' dreams into visually and functionally pleasing spaces.  All environments need to be curated in a way so that the most cherished memories can be made there.

Collaboration is the essence of our studio! We work with various craftsmen to innovatively incorporate the rich heritage of India into our designs, product designers, lighting designers,