We are collaborating with a group of interior designers from across the globe who studied together at Parsons School of Design in New York. My Home Initiative offers interactive workshops that give teams at corporations, which are still working from home, the tools and knowledge to set up an ergonomic workspace at home where they can feel good mentally and work productively.


Harnoor Manchanda Designer

Harnoor Kaur Manchanda, is the founder of Art Space Design Studio and co-founder of My Home Initiative. She studied Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. She has worked with esteemed interior designers in various diverse countries including India, Thailand and the United States of America. She believes in designing experiences rather than just bare environments by understanding the usage and moulding her clients' dreams into visually and functionally pleasing spaces. All environments need to be curated in a way so that the most cherished memories can be made there.

Will Fryer MFA in Interior Design

Will Fryer holds a MFA in Interior Design from Parsons, a MA in Iberian and Latin American Cultures from Stanford, and a BA from Columbia University. He brings together a variety of viewpoints and methods in his work, including traditional academic research and analysis, as well as the material-based exploration and conceptual thinking of the spatial design disciplines.

Will has worked in traditional design contexts focused on FF&E as well as an architecture studio specializing in detailing and construction. He teaches at Parsons, the New School for Design, runs Clever/Slice, a creative working group, with Sam Bennett and is the co-founder of My Home Initiative.




Decide a space in your house that you want to work on. We work on the entire house holistically to figure out the zoning and in detailed on one particular space during one meeting.



Book an appointment with us on the website. We will schedule an online video call over WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom with you so we can walk through your home and suggest you modifications.



Before the scheduled meeting, please send us pictures of your home and detailed pictures of the space you want to work on along with a few overall dimensions. If you have a rough layout/plan, that would be very helpful too.



We will start the meeting by getting to know the usage of the spaces, the number of family members in your house and walking through your home. During the walk we will suggest a few modifications to adjust to the new lifestyle where you work from home as well.

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We will work on your project after the meeting and send you a list of things to do to adjust to your new lifestyle with 2 days. The proposal will share with you possible modifications to existing furniture/ furnishings and a list of few things you could buy.


We are collaborating with a group of interior designers from across the globe who studied together at Parsons School of Design in New York. In these tough times we are trying to help whoever we can by making a small difference to their lives which now confined just to their homes. This is an initiative to provide free online consultation to people and uplift their lives by redesigning and re-arranging homes, that now has a very different function than what it did earlier. A home is no more just a home, it's a workplace, a restaurant, a theatre and much more.



Let's make our homes more flexible