Sensation Of Touch

As the body ages, the senses begin to fade except for the sense of touch. Light contact becomes amplified with the thinness of aging skin. Empowering this sense of touch, helps seniors get more aware of their other senses. The centre puts focus on a variety of textures depending on the function of specific areas. A typology of railings was integrated across the whole building. It also includes activities such as a water body area, pet area and a music room, which puts emphasis on the sense of touch. The project focuses on nuances of details like a sudden change in material in the places that require attention, the warmth of water for one to relax or the softness of a carpet to make one feel cozy. The water area acts as a soothing space which makes one feel underwater without actually being wet. The touch of warm misty water on your hands leads you into a shallow water pond with therapeutic rocks and chairs to rest. The vast gym area gets divided into three sections, namely the multipurpose room, bingo room and library, which are all accessible through an experiential ramp staircase connecting both the floors.

  • Type :

    Elderly Centre

  • Location :

    New York, NY, USA

  • Completed :